BIRDS : Petrels, Shearwater : Northern Fulmar

Barely 100 years ago, the Northern Fulmar was rare in the UK, with the only colony to be found on St Kilda.

It has expanded in range dramatically and is now found around the coast of Scotland. The largest colony is still on St Kilda with substantial numbers at Mingulay, Fair Isle and Unst.

Food: Mainly fish and fish waste from fishing boats, also carrion such as whale, seal. Can plunge dive to 4m.

Nest Site: On ledges of cliffs at all heights and also sand dunes in north of Scotland. No nest material used and lays one egg.

Breeding: May to July with young fledging August to September.

Wintering: Some move to Bay of Biscay but most west to north-east into Atlantic and Northern seas.

Distribution: UK, Ireland, Faeroes, Iceland, Norway, Spitsbergen.